The innovative technology for groundwater monitoring and testing

BAT Groundwater Monitoring System

Unique and proven BAT technology

The patented BAT GMS – BAT Groundwater Monitoring System – represents an innovative and proven technology for groundwater monitoring and testing. For more than twenty years the BAT GMS has been successfully used in a great number of groundwater monitoring projects worldwide.

Unique Technology

The new generation of BAT GMS

Based on the patented BAT technology, a new generation of BAT GMS has been developed. Key components of this new generation are the BAT MkIII Filter Tip and the BAT IS System (IS = Intelligent Sensor).
The BAT IS-sensor is both a pressure sensor and a logger in one unit. The BAT IS-sensor can also be equipped with a GSM module for wireless data transfer

BAT MkIII Filter Tip and the unique Quick Connect system

The key element of the BAT GMS is the BAT MkIII Filter Tip.The water filled tip is sealed with a flexible septum. A leakproof connection to the filter tip is established by using an injection needle which penetrates the flexible septum. In other words, the septum and the injection needle form the components of a leakproof quick connect.

When the needle is retracted, the septum in the BAT Filter Tip automatically reseals. The septum can be penetrated by the needle hundreds of times without loss of its self-sealing function.

Multiple functions

The quick connect system of BAT GMS makes possible the interconnection, temporary or permanent, between the BAT Filter Tip and the various BAT Probes such as:

Flexible and cost effective

Due to the patented quick connect system hundreds of installed BAT Filter Tips can be served by only one BAT Measuring / Sampling Kit.

The new generation of BAT GMS can also be used together with the old types of
BAT Filter Tips.

Accurate and reliable

Due to the quick connect system, function control of both the various BAT Probes and the installed BAT Filter Tip can be made at any time. When needed, remedial measures can also be carried out. These features of the BAT system make, for example, possible to conduct longterm pore pressure measurements or discrete sampling of groundwater with a maintained high level of accuracy and reliability.

Unique Technology

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